MOKAN KC Youth Mentoring Programs in Kansas City



As each student’s academic needs vary, we utilize our five-step process to support and aid our students’ academic successes. This proactive approach focuses on the reinforcement of academic accountability and assistance with academic curriculum to strengthen the students’ learning outcomes. Students and families are supported in their studies and the college-planning process to ensure that they are on the right track for a school that best suits their individual needs.

Since the first graduating class in 2008, 100 percent of our students have been offered college scholarships, totaling more than $6 million in assistance.

An outline of the MOKAN program’s five-step plan is as follows:

  • Step 1: Academic Goal Setting facilitates the creation of individualized academic plans and pathways by orienting students with the SMART goal setting method.
  • Step 2: Transcript Evaluation allows for our students to identify their academic eligibility. This step is essential in our program, as NCAA requirements can differ greatly between high schools.
  • Step 3: Tutoring provides structured support to our students in a variety of subjects through the utilization of partnerships with local high schools and online support with Khan Academy.
  • Step 4: ACT Preparation is a necessary step to take, as qualifying ACT test scores are mandatory for financial assistance from higher education, such as colleges and universities. Practice tests and material review are provided to our students in this program.
  • Step 5: College Needs Assessment helps our students to properly identify their primary factors for selecting colleges and universities. This step greatly benefits our students, allowing them to easily identify their most compatible schools and therefore reducing transfer rates.


The benefits of sports are almost limitless, as it has the ability to shape our characters and influence our lives. The MOKAN basketball program allows us to leave a lasting impression on youth far beyond sports. The lessons taught on the court will apply to many facets of our lives and will provide the essential foundation for future endeavors.

The coaches and mentors of this program teach our students valuable lessons that will last a lifetime, create the foundation for success, and build lifelong friendships along the way. Throughout the MOKAN program, our students will learn the importance of perseverance, tolerance, compassion, self-discipline, and respect.

With these newfound merits, our students will become better teammates, better players, and better people. As it is our belief that young men and women need hope and stability, the MOKAN program connects youth in need of amended environments with families who are able to offer their homes and their hearts.

Sport has the power to shape and mold lives – but only when kept in perspective by mentors willing to capture teachable moments.  Participation in the MOKAN basketball program serves as the “hook” that allows us to impact youth beyond the court.  Basketball provides a safe training ground for the young men in our program to experience some enduring life lessons such as…

  • We must respect a basic set of rules and boundaries
  • We don’t win all the time, we don’t lose all the time
  • We must learn to work with those with of different races, backgrounds and talents
  • We must make personal sacrifices for the good of the group
  • We can’t control our circumstances but we can always choose our response
  • We must be poised, disciplined and coachable

basketball team image


As the world is constantly shifting, we believe that it is our responsibility to lead others to greatness. The ever-growing technologies of social media provide youth with a platform to connect with the rest of the world like never before.

The coaches and mentors in the MOKAN basketball program facilitate weekly discussions on the qualities of great leaders. They teach the important traits that pave the way to success and greatness. These useful life skills include social media, personal finance, chivalry, and decision-making among others. Our staff, mentors, spouses, and volunteers emphasize the application of these valuable qualities and their implications for future success.

While dedication, motivation, and persistence are traits that will be of use on the basketball court, their applications extend far beyond any sports arena. Rather, they shape our characters and morals, allowing us to become exceptional husbands, fathers, friends, and leaders.




In addition to providing our students with high-quality basketball, academic, and leadership coaching, a primary goal of ours is to produce the next generation of community leaders and supporters. Along with the morals and lessons emphasized throughout the MOKAN program, the importance of supporting our communities is highlighted.

Our partnership with other area organizations gives our students exposure to the needs and misfortunes of others. These organizations include the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge, the Special Olympics, Ronald McDonald House, Alec Burks Basketball Camp, Harvesters, the Salvation Army, Guardian Angels Parish Food Pantry, and the “Hoop & Help” Charity Tournament.

Our students participate in a range of community service activities, such as preparing and serving meals to families as well as creating food packages for those in need. The MOKAN program has helped raise $16,000 for Hurricane Sandy victims, logged over 200 hours serving our community, and provided free camp experiences for more than 150 students.

Regular participation in service learning teaches our students self-sacrifice and selflessness as they find compassion for others in need. The learned importance of giving back to our communities will allow our students to grow into high-quality citizens and members of society.