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Youth Basketball Events in Kansas City

Kansas City Classic

kc classic youth basketball

The 2017 KC Classic offers youth basketball divisions for boys, ages 9 to 17, with more than 150 teams participating from eight different states. It will be headquartered at the Sports Pavilion Lawrence at 6100 Rock Chalk Drive in Lawrence, KS—the best facility of its kind in the Midwest. Other gyms throughout Lawrence, KS will be utilized during the tournament as well, and tournament accommodations are available through TBD Travel Services, a complimentary service that helps teams and guests book their rooms quickly and easily as part of the KC Classic’s “Stay to Play” policy.

Presented by Hardwood Events, the 2017 KC Classic helps to shine a light on youth basketball leagues from Kansas City, Lawrence, and across the Midwest and gives kids access to early opportunities and facilities for playing college-style ball. The KC Classic tournament runs from Friday, May 19 through Sunday, May 21, with games for all age groups every day. Coaches and teams from eight states will attend, and the tournament will feature programs from Nike and Adidas. Kids from the Kansas City and Lawrence area will have a chance to interact with these professional programs, and Nike and Adidas will get a glimpse at the next generation of great basketball talent being nurtured right here in the Midwest.

Hardwood Classic

hardwood classic

Presented by Hardwood Events, the 2017 Hardwood Classic will be held in Lawrence, KS July 20 through July 23. This NCAA-certified event is the largest grassroots basketball event in the Midwest, with more than 300 teams from over 15 states coming to play youth basketball. Headquartered at Sports Pavilion Lawrence, located at 6100 Rock Chalk Drive in Lawrence, KS, the 2017 Hardwood Classic offers youth basketball divisions for boys, ages 9u through 17u.There will be games every day and plenty of opportunities to play, including a slam dunk contest and a three-point contest.

As an NCAA-certified event, the 2017 Hardwood Classic is attended by college coaches from all over the country, not to mention Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour programs. Multi-team youth basketball discounts are available. Tournament accommodations for the 2017 Hardwood Classic can be made through TBD Travel Services for all tournament participants and guests, in keeping with the Hardwood Classic’s “Stay to Play” policy. TBD Travel Services is a complimentary service which benefits local businesses and helps keep players safe and organized during the tournament by ensuring that everyone is conveniently located near the Sports Pavilion Lawrence, which has been called the best facility in the Midwest.

Summer Slam

summer slam

Hardwood Events is proud to present a brand-new youth basketball event in the Kansas City area for 2017, the Summer Slam, which will be held July 27 through July 30 at a variety of fantastic gyms throughout the Kansas City area. With divisions for boys, ages 9u through 17u, the Summer Slam is a new opportunity for youth basketball teams from around Kansas City and across the Midwest to make a splash on the scene and play in venues they may not otherwise have ever attended.

Because the Summer Slam will take place across multiple gyms in the KC area, Hardwood Events has adopted a “Stay to Play” policy, allowing teams and guests of the event to book their hotel accommodations through TBD Travel Services, a free service that makes it quick and easy to secure rooms that are convenient to the locations of the Summer Slam. This new NCAA-certified event will have college coaches in attendance to watch the tournament, as well as Nike and Adidas teams. Hardwood Events hopes that the Summer Slam will become a regular Kansas City youth basketball tradition and give exciting new opportunities to youth basketball teams in Kansas City, in Lawrence, KS, and across the Midwest.