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MOKAN Basketball Club (MBC) is the youth division of MOKAN Basketball, Kansas City’s only Nike grassroots basketball program! We provide an organized club basketball experience for 3rd-8th grade boys that is focused on meaningful development.


MBC works hard to provide both parents and players with a dependable experience that is geared towards the long term interests of players. We do this by providing structure, focusing on development, and creating healthy environments that are fun for kids.


It’s simple – we believe parents should know the schedule as far in advance as possible. We believe coaches should walk in the gym for practice with a plan in place for how the team will improve and a clear expectation for how they should conduct themselves as coaches. We know that a player’s experience is largely dependent on the quality of their coach. That is why we spend time investing in our coaches, training them on how we believe the game should be taught. This is all overseen by Drew Molitoris, our Youth Director. Having a full-time employee dedicated to the quality of the youth program gives us a leg up on the competition.

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MOKAN Basketball began in 2004 with the idea that we could provide High School-aged kids an opportunity to learn critical life lessons and a free college education by utilizing the game of basketball. Since our beginning, we’ve produced over 100 college basketball players, including over 50 NCAA Division I athletes and 3 NBA players. We are experts on what it takes to be successful on the court. While playing in college or the pros is a big deal, our experience has lead us to believe that youth basketball players should be focused on their individual skill development.

As a result our coaches will not spend half of practice working on running a play — that is time that could be spent improving the skill of each player. Also we do not have Youth “Elite” teams that travel all over the country to compete in “National Championship” tournaments. Each year, we watch on the High School level as kids who were once the best players at their youth age groups fall completely behind because they are no longer the biggest, fastest, strongest and they didn’t spend time developing their skill sets. Players should be focused on refining their individual skills and gaining an acumen for playing basketball in a team setting (I.E., How to move without the ball and knowing defensive man to man concepts). Our goal is to provide youth players with a foundation, so that when the time for meaningful basketball comes, MBC players will be ready to succeed.      


When kids are provided with a healthy environment, clear expectations, and the appropriate competition level, they are going to enjoy their experience. We will not tolerate yelling, screaming or cursing at parents, players, or officials. In addition, we will place your player on a team with players of a similar skill level and in tournaments/leagues with teams of similar competition levels.  This way, at every practice or game, your player is being challenged and given an opportunity to succeed.

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“Our goal is to provide youth players with a foundation, so that when the time for meaningful basketball comes, MBC players will be ready to succeed.”



Players interested in becoming a part of MBC should plan on attending tryouts. You can reach out to our Director of Youth Programming to inquire about any current openings on one of our teams using the contact form below. Players who were unable to attend tryouts will need to attend one of our practices to get evaluated by a coach.

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MBC’s Seasons

Fall/Winter -This season will run from October through March. Tryouts for this season will take place in August. 

Spring/Summer – This season will run from April through July. Tryouts for this season will take place in February (3rd-7th grade) and March (8th grade).

Time Commitment

MOKAN teams have two 80-minute practices per week on Monday thru Thursday evenings. Teams will play two weekends a month, either in a tournament or a league. Weekends that tournaments or league games take place will be communicated well in advance. MOKAN teams play at least 5 games per month.

Practice & Tournament Locations

A large majority of the tournaments and leagues that our teams play in are located within the Kansas City-Metro area. MOKAN, on occasion, offers its youth teams the opportunity to travel out of town for a tournament. MOKAN primarily practices in the Shawnee Mission School District or 68’s Inside Sports. Practices primarily take place between 6:00-9:00pm.

Team Levels

Youth basketball is structured into Division I (Highest Level of Youth Competition), Division II, Division III & “Recreation Basketball”. We typically have teams at each grade level at Division I, Division II and Division III competition levels. Not everyone who tries out will make a team. We try to offer as many opportunities as possible, but we can’t always accommodate everyone due to constraints on quality coaches and facilities. 


Monthly player fees are $180 per month – this covers all coaching fees, tournament fees, practice time, etc. Players are required to purchase a new uniform at the start of the Fall/Winter season. 

Social Media

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Current MBC Players

Practice schedules, competition dates, payment information and codes of conduct for current MBC players can be found here.