2017 Summer Camp Series

MOKAN Basketball is excited to announce our 2017 Summer Camp Series

Throughout the month of June, we will offer four camps all being held in the Sprint Fitness Center on the campus of Sprint’s World Headquarters in Overland Park, KS.  Each five day session will include a combination of individual skill training, individual and group competition as well as character and leadership discussions.

During each five day camp in Overland Park, KS…

Campers will receive daily individual skill instruction designed to develop a complete basketball player.  Core fundamentals including ball handling, dribbling, passing, footwork and shooting will be broken down throughout the week.  We will expose campers to specific speed, agility and reaction drills that lead to on-court improvement.  In addition to the physical component of the game, we will lead discussions involving the mental aspects of the game.


  • How to finish more layups around the rim.

  • Two specific traits that make a “GREAT” teammate.

  • How to identify your shooting range.

  • How to properly execute offensive concepts like the dribble hand-off and ball screen.

  • Two key factors that lead to becoming a more consistent shooter.



8:00 to 8:30 AM Camper Check-In & Open Gym
8:30 to 8:50 AM Dynamic Warm-Up
8:50 to 10:15 AM Daily Skill Breakdowns
10:15 to 11:00 AM 5 on 5 Play (Players will be split based on both skill level and age)
11:00 to 12:15 PM Lunch Break
12:15 to 1:00 PM Classroom Setting (Group Discussions & Video Demonstrations)
1:00 to 1:45 PM Shot Work (Off the Catch, Off the Dribble and Transition)
1:45 to 2:30 PM Individual Skill Competitions (Timed & Measurable)
2:30 to 3:15 PM 3 on 3 Play (Players will be split based on both skill level and age)
3:15 to 3:50 PM 1 on 1 Situational Work & Competitive Group Scenarios
3:50 to 4:00 PM Daily Camp Review and Dismissal

Dynamic Warm-Up:

Campers will be exposed to the athletic principles that make an efficient basketball player.  Without a basketball, the camper’s full attention will be devoted to perfecting quality movement.

Concepts include:

  • Utilizing Change of Speed & Change of Direction
  • Developing an Explosive First Step
  • Keys to Quickening Defensive Footwork

Daily Skill Breakdowns:

Camp instructors will build a more complete basketball player through intentional, progressive station work.

Concepts include:

  • High effective scoring moves
  • Two strategies of ball protection that drastically decrease turnovers
  • Moving without the basketball
  • Man to Man Defensive Principles (Positioning and Player Movement)
  • Ball handling and Dribble Routines

5 on 5 Play:

Each day, we will introduce different 5 on 5 formats during controlled scrimmages.  Each format has specific certain points of emphasis designed to improve the overall basketball IQ of each camper.

Concepts include:

  • Limited Dribble Play
  • Offensive and Defensive Transition Keys
  • Full Court Pressure Keys

Classroom Setting:

For 45 minutes after lunch, we will lead group discussions that center include key character and leadership principles that translate to success both on and off the court.  We will also utilize this time to show video breakdowns of the concepts discussed throughout the week.

Topics Include:

  • The multiple phases of learning.
  • Why mistakes/failure are important and should be viewed positively
  • The importance of daily improvement.
  • How others perceive you based on body language.

Shot Work:

“Skill is king.”  Regardless of the level, all coaches love a “shot maker.”  The ability to consistently put the ball in the basket is a great way to separate yourself from the competition.  Each day, we will utilize this time to break down aspects of the shot while getting the quality repetitions needed to become a better shooter.

Concepts Include:

  • The importance of balance.
  • Two different footwork techniques (The 1-2 Step & The Hop)
  • How to identify what a “great shot” looks like for each player.
  • Self-correcting methods based on shot results.
  • Sample pre-practice routines used by the top college and pro shooters.

Individual Skill Competitions:

Measuring progress can be difficult at times for basketball players.  Each day, we will introduce three individual skill contests that each camper will attempt.  All drills are timed and measurable.  Campers will receive a “score sheet” with the name of the drill and all their scores at the end of camp so they can continue to work on the competitions at home.

Competitions Include:  The “John Beilein” Shooting Challenge, The Box Drill, The “Complete Player” Drill, Etc.

3 on 3 Play:

Many of the best basketball minds across the world believe that 3 on 3 is the ideal setting for teaching the game.  Player receive more “touches” as opposed to 5 on 5 thus requiring them to make more decisions.

Concepts Include:

  • The importance of verbal communication
  • Offensive spacing away from the ball
  • Three types of defensive responsibilities (Ball, Gap & Help)
  • Reading the help-side defensive player

1 on 1 Situations:

1 on 1 competition is one of the best ways to develop as both an offensive and defensive player.  Offensively, you must learn to create space, use deceptive foot, eye and ball fakes to create an advantage.  Defensively, you must be able to dictate what the offensive player does through ball pressure with active hands and feet. 1 on 1 provides instant feedback for both the offensive and defensive player.

Competitions include: Back-Dribble 1 on 1, Roll & Rip 1 on 1, Trailblazer 1 on 1, Ball on the Back 1 on 1

Group Competitions:

To end each day, we will utilize a variety of fun, competitive group drills that incorporate the concepts taught throughout the day.  Groups will be split according to skill level and age.

Competitions include: Dribble Relays, “Competitive Shooting” used by college programs like the University of Georgia and “The Advantage/Disadvantage Game”



Register HERE for Session #1 – Monday, June 5th – Friday June 9th 

Register HERE for Session #2 – Monday, June 12th – Friday, June 16th

Register HERE for Session #3 – Monday, June 19th – Friday, June 23rd

Register HERE for Session #4 – Monday, June 26th – Friday, June 30th



AGES: Each session is limited to 50 campers to make sure that campers receive individualized instruction and receive quality reps in each setting.   The camp is open to boys and girls entering grades 4-9.

CAMP LOCATION:   Sprint Fitness Center (Located on the campus of Sprint Headquarters) 6400 Sprint Parkway, Overland Park, KS 66251

CAMP COST:  $200

Summer Camp #1 – June 5th-9th

Summer Camp #2 – June 12th-16th

Summer Camp #3 – June 19th-23rd

Summer Camp #4 – June 26th-30th

CAMP TIMES:  8:00am – 4:00pm Monday through Thursday and 8:00am – 11:00am on Friday.

CAMPERS RECEIVE:  Camp T-Shirt, Individual Contest Drill Sheet w/ Personal Scores, Personalized Suggestions for Improvement from Camp Coaching Staff.

LUNCH:  Lunch will NOT be provided.  Sprint employees have the opportunity to “check-out” their child for lunch.  Campers must bring their own lunch.

For additional questions, please contact Camp Coordinator, Drew Molitoris at drew@mokankc.org.