How to Find a Kansas City Basketball Team for Next Spring and Summer

16 Oct 2017, Posted by Drew Molitoris in Opportunities for MOKAN players
Kansas City Basketball Teams

Even when kids are passionate about playing basketball, they can become discouraged, distracted, or simply lose interest when they have to take months off from their favorite sport. Fortunately, there are opportunities in Kansas City for basketball-loving kids in grade school, middle school, and high school to continue playing when their school-year programs end in the spring or early summer.

While spring and summer may seem like a long time away now, it’s time to begin thinking about a youth basketball club, basketball camp, or Kansas City basketball team to help keep your child engaged and on his or her way to becoming a better player between school years. After all, nothing builds basketball skills like continuing practice. If your child wants to become a better basketball player and a more formidable competitor, a big practice gap during summer vacation won’t do him or her any favors. That’s where a Kansas City basketball team or a basketball camp from MOKAN KC can be just what the doctor ordered—helping your child stay in shape, stay in practice, and build essential new basketball skills throughout the spring and summer months when school isn’t in session.

Here at MOKAN KC, our Kansas City basketball teams, camps, and programs are about more than just helping area youth to become better basketball players. We believe that the game of basketball builds character, creates bonds, and grows skills both on and off the court. Youth basketball is a way for young people to forge personal connections and friendships, find opportunities, and hone skills and attitudes that will last them a lifetime. On top of that, basketball is great physical exercise, helping to build endurance, coordination, concentration, and discipline. That may be why parents seek out a Kansas City basketball team, camp, or program for their kids—but kids flock to (and respond to) basketball because it’s fun. At MOKAN KC, we help keep it fun for kids, while also enabling them to make continuous improvement, so that we can help keep them on top of their game.

This year’s spring/summer season at MOKAN KC runs from April through July, with tryouts taking place in February for third through seventh grades and for eighth graders in March. Besides our usual Kansas City basketball team and youth basketball programs, MOKAN KC also hosts a summer camp series which runs throughout the month of June. These five-day sessions include training to help your child master the basics of basketball, as well as individual guidance from an expert instructor who will work with your child to help create a more well-rounded, skilled basketball player.

Of course, MOKAN KC hosts youth basketball programs all year round, not just during the summer months, and our fall/winter season runs from October to March, with tryouts taking place in August. If your child is enjoying basketball this spring and summer, you may want to mark the fall/winter season down on the calendar, or click here to learn more about our youth basketball programs in Kansas City.