How Can I Improve My Shooting In Basketball?

07 Sep 2017, Posted by Drew Molitoris in Opportunities for MOKAN players
How to improve basketball shooting

As a Kansas City basketball club, we’re passionate about the game here at MOKAN, and we’re always on the lookout for ways to help our student athletes and the rest of the community improve their skills both on the court and off it. One of the questions that we’re most often asked by young men and women who participate in our programs is “how can I improve my shooting in basketball?”

As with any other skill, mastering the game of basketball takes practice, but not all practice is created equal. At MOKAN, we believe structured practice that hones individual skills, rather than endless drills and running plays, is the way to improve at the game of basketball, in your studies, or in any other aspect of your life. When it comes to putting the ball through the hoop, though, you can bet that all of the great shooters, whether they play collegiate ball or play for the NBA, have put in countless hours in the gym or on the court practicing their shots over and over again. That’s not just true of shooting, either. The same effort goes into every other aspect of the game, and into any other sport that you play. Whether you’re putting the puck into the net or the baseball into the outfield, it takes practice and determination to improve.

But again, not all practice is created equal. Be sure to practice shots in “game-like” conditions. It’s one thing to make a three-point free throw when you’re all alone on the court, but it’s quite another to try to score in the heat of the game when you’re surrounded by a noisy crowd and confronted by the opposing team. So, practice shots under less-than-ideal circumstances to get yourself used to the challenge.

At our MOKAN Summer Camp Series, we spend a lot of time on “shot work,” taking the time to not only get in the practice that you need to become a better shooter, but also to break down aspects of the shot and cover shooting concepts like balance, different footwork techniques, and much more. We work with our student athletes to identify their personal strengths and weaknesses and what a “great shot” looks like for them, and also teach them how to improve their shooting, whatever their current level.

There’s also the MOKAN Shooting Club for boys and girls grades six through twelve. This Kansas City basketball club meets at the Lenexa Family Life Center off 87th Street on Wednesday evenings between 6 and 7PM, with a focus on shooting practice and technique. Click here for more information and to register for the MOKAN shooting club today!

Every basketball coach loves a “shot maker,” and being able to consistently put the ball through the hoop is a great way to distinguish yourself on the field, but being a great basketball player is about more than just improving your shooting. It’s about teamwork, dedication, and sportsmanship. At MOKAN, we believe that youth basketball has the power to change lives. That’s why we focus on individual development with an eye toward not just improving on the court, but also improving and growing in every aspect of your life.